When a few close friends decided to finally quit their day jobs and open their own music school, I jumped at the opportunity to help.

Little Mission Studio went from a dinner party conversation to a fully realized school in less than 3 months. From the first dinner party conversation, to the successful Kickstarter, to the opening gala and beyond, I’ve helped in a very comprehensive way.

In the beginning, it was clear that Little Mission Studio needed a visual language more than they needed a “logo”. The simple idea of contrasting the name “Little” with large music notes provided a starting point and eventually developed into a cohesive, flexible system using a typeface in two weights, a small color palette, and a distinct approach to graphics.

The resulting visual identity completely stands out from other music organizations and schools in San Francisco, and has engendered enthusiasm from a wide variety of the public; kids, adults, students, peers, parents and even corporations.

I’m also really enjoying my Bucket Drumming class!