I’m an independent designer based in San Francisco, California. I work directly with clients as well as collaborate with studios, agencies and in-house teams.

I consider myself a generalist with an emphasis on brand/visual identity; I design systems and languages that play out across print, digital, and environmental applications. This work is based on a strategic and thoughtful approach to content and communication; balancing equal parts imagination and pragmatism, with simplicity and expressiveness. I’m particularly interested in projects related to small businesses, food and beverage, art, and publications.

I am an active listener and a collaborative leader, with deep curiosity and a broad awareness and sensitivity to cultural trends and history. I strive to ask the right questions, and use them to create solutions that are distinct, apposite, and meaningful for my clients, their audience, and our cultural landscape. I’m always up for a new adventure.

Alongside my work as a designer, I maintain an active artistic practice exploring forms of photographic production.

My work is characterized by a strong typological and graphic nature, an underlying focus on time, place, and publicness, and an engagement between the photographic content and it's physical form.

I’m drawn to produce this work in equal measure by it’s visual richness and the complex narratives that it embodies.